Process a single individual raw spectral frame from a line-scan camera

int mira_ProcessFrame(mrkernel* pmr, void* pData);


  • Runtime environment pointer
  • Pointer to external buffer with raw spectral frame data

Output: Result code (MIRA_OK or error)


mira_ProcessFrame passes data of a raw spectral frame from a line-scan camera. Acquisition process need to be running (started using mira_StartAcquisition).

The input data stream from a line scan camera is expected to be in BIL layout (pixels on the spatial line times spectral bands). The expected geometry and data type are defined by the loaded solution. This information can be queried by the mira_GetInputWidth,  mira_GetInputBands, and mira_GetInputDataType.

After a frame is processed,  per-pixel decisions may be read out using mira_GetFrameDecisions or object information extracted using mira_GetObj* functions.