Sets specific computational device

int mira_SetDevice(mrkernel* pmr,int deviceInd)


  • Runtime environment pointer
  • Device index

Output: Result code (MIRA_OK or error)


mira_SetDevice sets specific computational device. The device list needs to be constructed by mira_RefreshDeviceList.


   MIRA_CHECK( mira_RefreshDeviceList(pmr,1,0) );

   const int devCount=mira_GetDeviceCount(pmr);

   printf("\n%d devices:\n",devCount);

   for(int i=0;i<devCount;i++) {

       printf("%d : %s\n",i, mira_GetDeviceName(pmr,i));


   int deviceInd=atoi(argv[1]);

   MIRA_CHECK( mira_SetDevice(pmr,deviceInd) );

   printf("Device selected: %d '%s'\n",deviceInd,mira_GetDeviceName(pmr,deviceInd));

The MIRA_CHECK macro checks the output result. If error occurs, the program flow is terminated. See perclass_mira.h definition.