Headwall MV.X integrated system may be used together with perClass Mira in two different modes:

  1. As a standalone camera, using Pleora eBUS
  2. Deploying solutions, built in perClass Mira, onboard of the MV.X unit using the integrated perClass Mira Runtime

Standalone camera use
  • Pleora eBUS should be installed
  • Connect Ethernet cable to port 2 on the MV.X unit
  • Set the computer IP to (or anything in range, except that is dedicatet to the MV.X web interface)
    • Set the subnet mask to
    • If required set the gateway to (or anything in, except and your IP address)
On-board processing using perClass Mira Runtime
  • Solutions, exported from perClass Mira can be run on-board of the MV.X system using the integrated runtime
    • Export the classification model using Classifier / Export classifier as a pipeline / perClass Mira Runtime (single precision) command