perClass Mira® is the easiest user interface for interpretation of spectral images with real-time deployment. 

It is a comprehensive collection of tools empowering users to 

  • Acquire high quality spectral images using a range of multi- and hyper-spectral cameras
  • Build classification and regression solutions
  • Export specific information from detected objects or user-defined regions
  • Batch process new scans using user-defined solutions
  • Deploy solutions to a live data stream and integrate in production

It is an application development tool for industrial and applied researchers who leverage spectral imaging as a tool. Specifically, two use-cases are optimized:

1) Development and deployment of smart sorting machines by system integrators. Example application is nut sorting, fruit quality grading or foreign object detection machines in food industry.

2) Processing of large number of spectral scans extracting relevant information of further research. Example application domains are plant phenotyping and food quality 

perClass Mira is tightly integrated with perClass Stage, a linear lab-scanning kit suporting a range of spectral cameras.

perClass documentation is structured in the following way: