Users with supported spectral cameras can acquire live data stream from their sensor directly into perClass Mira.

The data can be recorded including relfectance correction information. Models can be then run directly on the live data stream shoring results on pixel or object level.

perClass Mira 4.0 supports live acquisition from the following spectral sensors:

  • Cubert real-time snapshot cameras using Cubert SDK
  • Imec mosaic sensors (including Ximea and PhotonFocus cameras) using Imec Camera API and Mosaic API
  • Inno-spec RedEye NIR line-scans and Speccer stage using Pleora eBUS
  • Resonon VNIR and NIR line-scans based on Resonon SDK
  • Specim line-scans (VNIR, NIR, SWIR, MWIR) via SpecSensor SDK
  • Unispectral Monarch multi-spectral camera

Specific camera functionality is implemented through acquisition plugins. Each plugin depends on a vendor SDK that needs to be installed.