perClass Mira provides an interactive visualization tool that allows us to quickly show bands or band ranges but also results of more complex common equations such as NDVI.

The functionality is configurable in a separate Visualization pannel. As the visualization equations are defined in terms on spectral bands or band ranges, it is useful to place both Visualization and Spectra pannels next to each other, as shown on the screenshot:

The Visualization pannel lists number of common equations at its left side. When an equation is selected, details are shown on the right.

In our example, only a single band or band range is shown. Note, that the band range is represented by a rectangle in the spectral plot.

Equations may have multiple parameters. For example, if we select A/B equation, we will compute ratio of values of the two bands or band ranges per pixel. Parameters may be changed by defining minimum and maximum wavelengths in nanometers or simply by dragging the corresponding rectangles in the spectral plot.