perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)
 SDCONFMATIND Get indices of samples in a confusion matrix field


    LAB1    ground truth labels
    LAB2    estimated decisions
    CLS1    class name 1
    CLS2    class name 2
    IND1    index of class 1 in the confusion matrix lablist
    IND2    index of class 2 in the confusion matrix lablist

    IND     sample indices

 SDCONFMATIND returns indices of samples falling in a given cell in a
 confusion matrix specified by the ground-truth labels LAB1 and classifier
 decisions LAB2. The matrix cell is specified by CLS1 (true class) and
 CLS2 (decision) names or IND1 and IND2 indices in the confusion matrix
 (order in matrix printed by CONFMAT(LAB1,LAB2) ).
 NOTE: LAB1 and LAB2 are string arrays.

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