perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)
 SDEXPORT Export data set to file or pipeline for out-of-Matlab execution

 Export data set to a comma-separated file:
    SDEXPORT(+DATA,FILENAME)         % export a data matrix only, no header

 Export trained pipeline for execution out of Matlab:

    DATA       SDDATA object
    P          Pipeline object
    FILENAME   Filename of the pipeline file

 Exporting data sets
    'format'   Export format (default: 'csv')
      'csv'   Comma-separated text
      'arff'  Weka ARFF format
      'c45'   C45 compatible data set
       'test'    When exporting in C45 format, save as a test set (.test extension)

    'columns',COL  Specify properties saved in the csv file (default: {'data','lab'})
    'no header'    Do not write a header to .csv file
    'numformat',F  Numercial format specifier (for sprintf) (def: '%f')

 Exporting pipelines
    'header'   Save pipeline as a C-header file to be included in C source
    'cubert'   Export Cubert Utils plugin (xml file)

 SDEXPORT writes data set DATA into comma-separated file. Only data matrix
 and labels are stored. Use SDIMPORT to load SDDATA from text file. See
 file header for the exact SDIMPORT command needed to load the data.
 For text-based formats, 'numformat' option allow to adjust precision. For
 example, we may use 'numformat','%e' to use exponent notation.

 SDEXPORT may save the trained pipeline P into a binary file which may be
 executed by the perclass.dll runtime linked to a custom application.
 With 'header' option, SDEXPORT saves the pipeline as a C header file
 which may be directly included in C/C++ project.
 It is also possible to export Cubert Utils plugin (.xml file) which can be
 directly loaded into Cubert Touch environment.



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