perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)
SDIMAGE Create or visualize image data set

 Image visualization
    H=SDIMAGE(IM)          % image matrix
    H=SDIMAGE(FILENAME)    % from filename via IMREAD
    H=SDIMAGE(DATA,PD)     % show decisions of PD on DATA
    H=SDIMAGE(DATA,PD,'ROC') % open interactive ROC plot

 Create image data set
    DATA=SDIMAGE(IM,'sddata','image','image_name') % set image label

    IM=SDIMAGE(DATA,'matrix')  % return image matrix
    IM=SDIMAGE(DATA,'bbox')    % return bounding box vector [row col heigt width]
    IM=SDIMAGE(DATA,'grid')    % return image data set with grid pixels only

 Return data set from sdimage Figure
    DATA=SDIMAGE(FIGH,'getdata') % FIGH is a handle of sdimage figure
    DATA=SDIMAGE(FIGH,'band',B)  % Move to band B in Figure FIGH

 Return RGB label image showing pixel/region positions in original image
    LABIM=SDIMAGE(DATA,'labim')     % label image showing DATA.lab in orig.image dimensions
    LABIM=SDIMAGE(DATA,'labim',DEC) % create label image showing DEC in orig.image dimensions

   DATA      Data set with an image data
   IM        Image matrix
   SCFIG     Optional figure handle of a SDSCATTER plot
   PD        Pipeline returning decisions

   H         SDIMAGE figure handle
   DATA      Data set with image data
   LABIM     RGB color image

  'matrix'   Return image matrix height x width x bands
  'bbox'     Return bounding box vector. Can be combined with 'matrix' or 'sddata'
             to provide respective representation. With 'figure' option opens a new figure.
  'band',B   In GUI mode, move to band B

 SDIMAGE creates data set with image data or opens interactive image
 visualization. SDIMAGE data sets support irregular pixel sets and may
 contain data from multiple images.
 See Image figure menu for all functionality.  SDIMAGE window may connect
 to SDSCATTER plot representing the same image with arbitrary set of
 features. Pixel in the image is then mapped to a sample in the scatter
 plot.  When provided with pipeline returning decisions, SDIMAGE executes
 this pipeline on the image data and adds the 'decision' property.  If the
 PD pipeline contains ROC object, SDIMAGE with 'ROC' option opens
 interactive ROC plot showing decisions at different operating points.

 SDIMAGE can create a RGB label image showing labels of samples in DATA in
 a context of original image (that DATA was extracted from with
 SDEXTRACT).  We may also directly blend the label image with the original
 image and adjust alpha.



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