perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)
SDLUT Look-up table classifier (2D classifier approximation)


   DATA     2D data set
   PORIG    Original pipeline returning decisions

   P        Look-up table pipeline

   'steps',S     Number of grid steps (default: 50)
   'reject',str  Name of reject decision (default: 'reject')
   'rangex',[xmin xmax] Set the range of x axis
   'rangey',[ymin ymax] Set the range of y axis

 SDLUT approximates decisions of a classifier on 2D data set using look-up
 table. It provide decisions in constant time. The grid is defined on the
 bounding box of the data and decisions are stored. Out of the bounding
 box, SDLUT returns reject decision which may be changed by 'reject'
 option.  Examples precisely at the border are rejected.