perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)
 SDSCATTER Interactive scatter plot and visualization of classifier outputs

 Interactive scatter plot

 Visualization of classifier outputs
   SH=SDSCATTER(DATA,PD,'roc');     % open scatter and ROC plot
   SH=SDSCATTER(DATA,PD,'roc',FIG); % open scatter and use ROC plot in FIG

   DATA     data set
   P        pipeline object
   PD       pipeline object returning decisions
   FIG      Figure handle of ROC plot opened with SDDRAWROC

   SH       handle of the scatter figure

 'callback',FUNC   Function handle of a callback (see perclass_example_callback.m)
 'callback',FUNC,PAR  Pass extra parameter to callback function

 SDSCATTER provides interactive scatter plot and visualization of
 pipeline outputs. See Scatter menu for interactive functionality.
 Interactive keyboard commands:
  cursor keys : change features on x (left/right) and y (up/down) axis
  =/- : change z-order of classes (for highly overlapping data)
   : cycle through classes one at a time
  l   : legend on/off
  h   : hide this class
  o   : show only this class
  r   : rename this class
  i   : invert filter on current labels
  R   : remove filter on current labels
  f   : return to previous sample filter
  F   : reset sample filter (show all samples)
  t   : tag this sample (also via mouse double-click)
  1:9 : switch to property (see Scatter/Use property menu)
  a   : switch between automatic and manual axes limits
  v   : switch between axes limits on all data and visible subset
  d   : show feature distributions
  c   : show confusion matrix showing visible/hidden samples

 SDSCATTER can visualize decisions of classifier P in multi-D spaces or
 soft outputs in 2D. If PD stores ROC, SDSCATTER with 'roc' option shows
 also ROC plot and allows inspection of classifier decisions at different
 operating points.


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