perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)

Feature extraction, table of contents

Chapter 8.1: Introduction

8.1.1. perClass feature extraction ↩

perClass provides a simple-to-use feature extraction framework based on sdextract command. The syntax makes it easy to understand where it works on and what is being extracted. The first three parameters are always present:

 >> sdextract( data, domain, feature [, options] )

The first one is the data set, second the domain string (where we extract features from) and the third one the name of a feature we extract. After, other options specific to a feature extractor may be given.

8.1.2. Feature extraction domains ↩ Extract features in local image neighborhoods ↩

local image feature extraction in Matlab Representing objects identified in an image ↩

object feature extraction in Matlab Representing a band in spectral data ↩ Transform color space ↩