perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)

Chapter 2: Installation

Table of contents

2.1. Introduction ↩

perClass is very easy to install. It is enough to add perclass directory from perClass distribution to Matlab path. Optionally, you may also wish to add data directory from perClass distribution as number of examples in this manual use data sets stored there.

This can be done with File/Set path command or via addpath on command line.

2.2. Installing free perClass Lite ↩

In order to instal perClass Lite you need distribution archive downloaded via

The installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Unzip perClass distribution archive
  2. Start Matlab
  3. Add the perclass directory on your Matlab path using Set Path command in File menu or using addpath command

perClass Toolbox should be now ready for use. In case you encounter any problems, please send us the error message so we can help you out.

2.3. Installing perClass Toolbox ↩

To install perClass Toolbox, you will need:

Installation instructions:

  1. Go to web page and click on "Log in" link in the right part of the page
  2. Enter username and password you received from us when purchasing the software
  3. Click on Customer Center link in the web site header
  4. Download perClass distribution archive and unzip it
  5. Download your private license file and save it into perclass directory. The license filename should match with your dongle number. Please make sure that the license file extension is .lic (browsers may sometimes append an additional .txt file extension after the download.)
  6. Start Matlab
  7. Plug in your hardware dongle
  8. Add perclass directory on your Matlab path using Set Path command in File menu or using addpath command

perClass Toolbox should be now ready for use. Type sdversion to see the version and license information which should look similar to this:

>> sdversion
perClass 4.0 (06-May-2013), Copyright (C) 2007-2013, PR Sys Design, All rights reserved
 Customer: PR Sys Design (PRSD)  Issued: 27-mar-2013
 Toolbox with DB,imaging: The license expires on 1-jul-2013.
 SDK: The license expires on 1-jul-2013.
 Installation directory: '/Users/pavel/matlab/toolboxes/perclass'

In case you encounter any problems, please send us the error message so we can help you out.

2.4. Making USB dongle working on Linux ↩

Under Linux, it may be needed to allow user access to the perClass USB hardware dongle. This can be accomplished by adding a rule to udev subsystem.

  1. open terminal

  2. change directory cd /etc/udev/rules.d

  3. create a file 85-usb-perclass.rules as root. Use your favourite editor, example: sudo emacs 85-usb-perclass.rules

  4. copy the following text in the editor and save the file

    SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ACTION=="add", ATTR{idVendor}=="0e50", ATTR{idProduct}=="000[1-9]", MODE="0666"

Plug in the hardware dongle, start Matlab, add path to perclass directory and type sdversion. The udev should be updated automatically and you should see the version message without error. In case the problem remains, contact

2.5. Installing perClass Group (floating license) ↩

  1. Download license server distribution archive for your system architecture from Customer Center
  2. Unzip the distribution file. This creates the your license server directory
  3. Download your floating license file from the Customer center
  4. Edit the floating license file with the text editor (e.g. Notepad on Windows) and change the hostname (or IP address) of the machine where license server will run.
  5. Copy the floating license file to the license server directory
  6. Copy the floating license file to the perclass directory used by the client machines

2.5.1. Starting the license server ↩

  1. Plug in the hardware dongle for the license server to your license ser123ver machine
  2. On the command line, start the rlm executable (rlm.exe in Windows) in the license server directory

Correctly installed server should output message similar to this one (with specific hostname, dongle id and name of floating license file):

11/17 07:19 (prsysd) Server started on Selene (hostid: prdongle=4c972b4f) for:
11/17 07:19 (prsysd)    perclass_toolbox sdexport perclass 
11/17 07:19 (prsysd) 
11/17 07:19 (prsysd) License files:
11/17 07:19 (prsysd)     floating.lic

2.5.2. Using perClass on client machines ↩

  1. Start Matlab on the client machine
  2. Add path to the perclass directory which contains the floating license file

In case of problems with installation, contact

2.6. License error messages ↩

2.6.1. No license for product (-1) ↩

Three possible reasons:


>> sdversion
No license file with .lic extension present '/Users/pavel/work/perclass'
Error checking out license: No license for product (-1)
 Installation directory: '/Users/pavel/work/perclass'


2.6.2. Wrong host for license (-4) ↩

Reason: The host definition in the license file does not match with the hardware dongle (or PC host id)


2.6.3. Requested version not supported (-6) ↩

Reason: Your license file is valid for older releases than the distribution you use. This may happen when your software maintenance expired and your try to use new release. Old releases will always keep working.

If you are on active software maintenance (within the first year from purchase or later paying for software updates), you should be able to use all new software relases.

If your maintenance perior expired (you decided not to pay for software updates), you may still use all versions released before maintenance expiration date. Software versions released after will show the above error message.