perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)
SDFEATPLOT Interactive plot of per-class distributions for each feature


    DATA      SDDATA set

    'lab'     Labels (property) used for drawing histograms (default: 'lab')
    'absolute'Visualize absolute frequencies (default: 'relative')
    'bins'    Number of histogram bins (default: 30)
              If vector is specified, it is used as bin center definition
              (Data set with single feature is required)
    'style'   Specify line style of each class in a cell array
    'maxsamples' Limit maximum number of samples from DATA used for estimating
                 histograms (default: [] = use all samples)
    'stem'    Uses stem function instead of plot function (useful for histograms)

 SDFEATPLOT shows a plot of per-class distributions for each feature.
 Use up and down cursor keys to move between features. By default,
 current labels are used.
 SDFEATPLOT allows interactive selection of the threshold by clicking.
 Right-click opens a menu where decision above and below threshold may be
 specified and threshold may be saved to workspace as pipeline.
 Confusion matrix may be displayed in threshold mode. This helps to get a quick
 idea what classes would be separated.

  up/down  change feature
   's'     Switch between default plot drawing and stem drawing for histograms
   'u'     Use unique data values for x-axis bins and plot as stem
   'a'     Automatic grid (number of bins spread linearly over min/max range)
   'x'     Specify x-axis binning vector and redraw current feature (provide variable
           name in workspace) Example: enter vector such as -10:0.1:10

 Threshold mode:
   's'     Save threshold as a pipeline
   'c'     Show confusion matrix
   'n'     Show normalized confusion matrix

 Specifying line style for the three classes in data:


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