perClass Documentation
version 5.4 (7-Dec-2018)
 RANDSUBSET Select a random subset of samples


    SUB=RANDSUBSET(DATA,PROP,PAR) % sample the property PROP

    [SUB,REST]=RANDSUBSET(DATA) % bootstrapped sampling of DATA

    DATA      Data set
    PAR       Selection parameter (scalar or vector)
               01       Number of samples per class
    PROP      Name of property to sample (default: 'lab')

    SUB       Selected subset
    REST      Remainder of the DATA
    IND1,IND2 Indices of the samples in SUB and REST

    'all'     Select the subset from a complete data set
    'atmax'   Take at maximum the specified number of samples

 RANDSUBSET selects a random subset of samples in DATA. The Selection is
 performed per-class by default. If PAR is a vector, it specifies
 selection for each class separately (zero entries are supported).  To
 select fraction or number of samples from the complete data set,
 add 'all' option:
 If property name PROP is specified, RANDSUBSET works on this property.
 For example, to select random 100 samples per-patient, use:
 Note that the PROP property must be indexed (SDLAB object).
 To make sure the subset SUB does not contain more than M samples, use
 the 'atmax' option.
 If RANDSUBSET is given only DATA, it performs bootstrap sampling,
 i.e. sampling with replacement. The SUB set then contains the same number
 of samples as DATA but some of them will be present multiple times. The
 REST set contains out-of-bootstrap samples, not present in SUB.

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